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About our Training Program and Certification

Our online blood borne pathogen training and certification program is designed to maximize your educational experience in preparing to take and pass an OSHA regulated examination.  Our course, unlike programs developed by other companies, was meticulously developed by Dr. Ocampo - a practicing physician specializing in the transmission of blood borne pathogens. This program was designed over several years to provide the best possible educational experience combined with an efficient certification process for medical professionals and health care workers.

The online course is divided into several modules in order to make your educational experience during the certification program as informational as possible. The goal of our program is to help you comprehend the material, as it will play an important role in your occupation after you've earned the certification. Because our top priority is quality education, Dr. Ocampo invested in the research and resources to ensure that all information provided here is actionable - that means you are getting far more than a generic certification - you're getting a life skill which can help protect you and those around you from harmful blood borne pathogens. What can start as a minor infection from a blood borne pathogen can have disastrous, life-altering consequences.  Preparation and knowledge is key when learning to work with or around human blood - it is not a subject to be taken lightly.

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