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What is bloodborne pathogen testing?

If you're asking this question, it's likely that an employer informed you that OSHA requires any employee who will be in contact with blood during the course of their employment to comply with OSHA standard CFR 1910.1030 - the regulation which mandates all medical professionals, medical workers, as well as any part time or full time employee who has contact with human blood to maintain competency with proper body substance isolation procedures.

Bloodborne pathogen testing is the process through which you earn a certification that meets the standards set for by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Employers require this certification to ensure their employees are extremely competent with regard to how blood borne pathogens are transmitted.  Working around body substances, particularly blood, can be dangerous if proper safety procedures (referred to as BSI) are not utilized.  Human blood can act as a preservation and transportation medium for harmful and highly contagious pathogens, which means people who work around blood need to know how to conduct themselves professionally at all times. Blood borne pathogen training is designed to teach people who work with or around human blood the proper safety procedures associated with their job responsibilities.  While not a difficult skill set to learn, it is an important one.  More importantly, it's required by OSHA to maintain employment in any occupation where interacting with or around blood is common.

Blood borne pathogen training, testing, and certification was originally offered in tandem with safety courses like CPR and first aid. For decades, these courses were typically conducted in a class room setting at a school where a practicing physician or OSHA approved instructor would conduct a course in person.  As internet technology advanced and larger populations of medical workers needed to acquire their blood borne pathogen certification to conform with OSHA standards - companies like ours began developing online courses to meet the demand.  Today, online blood borne pathogen training is widely available and designed to serve as an important educational resource for medical workers, or anyone who works around human blood, to earn and maintain their certification.

The OSHAbloodborne.com online blood borne pathogen testing course is designed to maximize the educational experience so that students can get their certification quickly.  The course is divided into segments which are easy to follow so your educational experience is straight forward and efficient.  The course itself was developed by Dr. Ocampo and is the only online blood borne pathogen certification course which comes with a physician endorsement.  One key advantage to our blood borne pathogen training and certification course is quality - simply put, there is no other online training program which is as thorough or easy to pass.

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